Welcome to the "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure": The 1930s Remix

English 9
Ms. Shubert

A telephone booth has just taken you back in time to the 1930s. You must bring a character back to present to your English class. For this project, you will be choosing a historical figure from the 1930s. You will complete a character study of this person by researching information found in the library and on the Internet. You will in essence bring this character back to your future time period and have them present themselves on a wiki "home page."

  • Learn more about the setting for the novel "Of Mice and Men"
  • Apply what you have learned about characterization to a historical figure
  • Recognize and apply appropriate research methods
  • Become a historical figure and interact with other class characters as that person

This project has been inspired by the film "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure."
For more information on the film poster pictured at the right, please click here

1. Complete the Introductory Virtual Field Trip to the 1930s and all activities designed along the way
  • Description: This assignment will take you on a tour of the United States in the 1930s. You will be asked to find certain people, places and understand historical events.
2. Character Study Research Assignments
  • Description: You will be given class assignments that focus on specific research skills you will need for this project.
3. Character Study Wiki Project
  • Description: You will create your own wiki "home page" for your character based on your research.
4. Character Study Conversations Assignment
  • Description: At the completion of "home pages", you will be asked to interact with other characters on the wiki created by your classmates.